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The Asian part of Istanbul, Turkey

I know, I already wrote two times about Istanbul in Turkey. Nevertheless – today I want to write about this great city a third time. As your personal Istanbul guide Smile, I´d like to inform you about a very interesting part of Istanbul, the Asian part.

The European part of Istanbul is really popular and busy, whereas the Asian part of the city is calmer and not overloaded by tourists. When I arrived, I was really surprised: The Asian part of Istanbul looks very modern and it is still growing.

You can see a lot of new, high buildings there. Somehow it reminded me of Dubai. If you like to visit the Asian districts, you can come here by car or by ferry. To be honest, I can´t recommend to take the car, because there are big traffic jams on the bridge every day. The ferry takes only 15 minutes and it´s also very cheap.

You want to go shopping in Istanbul? Well, then you should go to the main shopping street. It is names Bagdad Street and you will find all international brands here. There are also a lot of nice cafes and restaurants.

For sure there are more places to visit in Istanbul. Kadiköy is a part of the city, where the ferries arrive. There you will find a lot of traditional shops, bazars and fruit and vegetable markets.

I love to walk around the promenade on the seaside. It is really relaxing and I swear you gonna forget, that you´re in the 20 Mio metropolis Istanbul.  You will also find places where you can sit down and join the fresh breeze. Swimming is not recommended in Istanbul. You will definitely find better beaches with nice water in Turkey, for example at one of the five islands around Istanbul.

What can I tell you about the accommodations in Istanbul? Well, in the Asian part of the city you won´t find plenty of hotels. When I did my trip to Istanbul, I stayed in the hotel Suadiye, https://hotelsuadiye.com/,   which is located directly on the coast. It is a 4* hotel, the rooms are alright and clean, but I have to say that the 4* are not really justified. Anyway, the hotel´s got some benefits: You can reach all the nice places within short time. The roof top restaurant and bar is also very advisable. The kitchen is excellent and the view is wonderful. I guess that´s why not only hotel guests but also local people come here for dinner or a drink. If you want to spend an evening here during your holidays in Istanbul you have to make a reservation, otherwise you won´t get a table.

view from the rooftop restaurant

Next to the hotel you can find a nice Turkish restaurant ” Takanik Balik”, www.takanik.com.tr/, where lots of local people are dining. As you know me, I choose fresh fish  when I came here – It was very nice. Opposite to the hotel there is a small mall with different services like fitness studio, Tony& Guy Hair salon and a kebab house roof top restaurant. How could you stay in Turkey / Istanbul without having kebab? It´s delicious!

Generally I want to advise you to spend two or three days in the Asian part of Istanbul. But still the most popular Istanbul attractions you will find on the European side.

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