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Where to go out in Los Angeles

You want to spend your next vacations in Los Angeles and you are still looking for some nice places? Today I will give you some recommendations. Here are three tips that might answer your question “Where to go out in Los Angeles?”


Katana Restaurant, West Hollywood

If you are interested in celebrities – as for example Richard Branson – and you would like to dine with them one evening during your vacations, Katana Restaurant, West Hollywood is the right place to go. https://www.innovativedining.com/restaurants/katana This Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles is one of the best Asian sushi restaurants in the entire area of West Hollywood. Since the place is that great and that admired I have to say it at the very beginning: Please book your table in advance. The popularity of this Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles is unbelievable. Katana Restaurant in West Hollywood gets always crowded very quickly and once you are in, you will definitely eat in company of celebrities. This is what LA is all about! But Katana Restaurant, West Hollywood is not only worth visiting because of the celebs, this wonderful Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles also offers you a fantastic atmosphere with a food which is amazingly fresh and very tasteful. So if you are hungry and you ask yourself the question “Where to go out in Los Angeles?”, Katana Restaurant in West Hollywood is definitely the right address. You can enjoy different dishes such as sashimi, sushi rolls, skewers, yellowtail Fresca, Chilean sea bass which just melts in your mouth, lobster or white lotus roll and I could keep on listing the dishes for a while. To be honest: I am actually missing this place heavily in this momentL. I really did enjoy myself there because the restaurant is so beautiful and the setting is just outstanding. A live performing DJ is giving you the rest for a perfect evening in Katana Restaurant, West Hollywood. If you decide to dine there once, it will be a great experience for you, promised. So once again: I can highly recommend Katana Restaurant, West Hollywood to anyone and you will definitely not be disappointed. Remember to keep in mind that this Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles is a knocker on the budget, with its luxurious building and elite guests. But it is still my recommendation for a great experience.

Restaurants in Los Angeles: The Counter – custom built burgers

If you like to eat burgers without spending so much money in a restaurant in Los Angeles you have to go to a place called “The Counter” – custom built burgers.  It is a really nice restaurant in Los Angeles where you can customize your own burgers.  On your table you will find a list with all the available ingredients for the burger. It is your decision to choose which meet and bread you would like to have and you can also pick each topping individually. You can choose for example between beef and bison meet. After the assembling you will get your personal burger. I am not a fan of any fast food restaurant, but this is definitely a different one. The food is really fresh in this restaurant in Los Angeles – and it is prepared as requested. After eating there I have to say that I think that the quality of the food is really good at The Counter. So if you would like to eat burger, you would like custom built burgers and you don´t know where to go out in Los Angeles, this restaurant will definitely be a good choice – I promise you will love it. www.thecounterburger.com/LosAngelesCA_SunsetBlvd/

Hot spot in LA: Skybar Hotel Mondrian

Here is my third recommendation regarding the question: “Where to go out in Los Angeles?”. The place I would like to recommend is called Skybar and it is one of the hottest spots with one of the best views of Los Angeles. The Skybar is kind of an open air, ivy-covered pavilion which is located above the pool of the Mondrian – a well-known hotel in Los Angeles. https://www.morganshotelgroup.com/mondrian/mondrian-los-angeles/eat-drink/skybar You might say that the Mondrian hotel in Los Angeles is a popular and iconic place and the Skybar’s newly re-imagined design brings a fresh approach to this area. The Skybar is the perfect place if you want to have a good time in combination with a bunch of good looking people around. The clientele has been like this since the day they opened. But as you can find different sorts of people there, it is never boring. Preppy boys (students of a preparatory school with a wealthy parental home) are visiting the bar as well as some “wannabes” and celebrities on a regular base. It is the mix of the people which makes it fun but that’s only if you engage in the moment. The Skybar is a timeless place and will remain that way as long as it maintains its fresh and simple look which is dominated by shades of white and playful hints of yellow. There is also a very beautiful wall of strawberry plants adorning the space.

So to sum up: For me personally it is one of the best, or THE best nightlife location in the entire area of L.A. If you´re asking yourself “Where to do out in Los Angeles?” and you decide to go to the Skybar, it might be a bit difficult to enter. Of course, if you are a celebrity or a guest of the Mondrian hotel in Los Angeles it is much easier to get into the bar since that entitles you to enter via a special access. I don´t want you to be disappointed so that´s why I advise you to keep in mind that it is really hard to get into the Skybar if you’re not a guest of the hotel or you didn’t make reservation in advance.

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